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Approval was given for the stories. Names have been changed.

Ann's Story

Ann was a marketing executive at a downtown Milwaukee manufacturing firm. She was disappointed in her job and her boss' value system conflicted with hers. She knew it was time to move on but, didn't look forward to an exhausting job search. Despite the fact that she sent out résumés to numerous companies – she could not find the job she desired. Ann started feeling hopeless and her health started to deteriorate.

Ann hired Greg to ease some of the stress, tension and confusion associated with her professional life. Sales were slumping and it became increasingly harder to go to work for an owner she no longer respected. Greg put Ann on a self-improvement plan to work on herself while she was job seeking. The self-improvement lead to more clarity and a better attitude.

Shortly after, a new company hired Ann and offered her "a dream job". Today Ann is an executive at one of Milwaukee's most well known and respected companies and receives great benefits. Her health and energy level has improved.

Now she uses Motive Coaching to work on her other life goals.

"Greg taught me that when we start taking care of ourselves, doors open for us."

– Ann

Debra's Story

Greg has helped in my Agency in several ways. The first work we did with Greg was having him work with the Agency staff in building a mission statement and a program which encourages them to work together in a positive team approach versus individual "my job" environment. This has been very successful.

Greg has also been moderating a client builder group, which has helped them focus on values and beliefs, which hinder or lead them to great success in our business. Since then, he has started working with many of my Rep's in helping them become more productive.

Now he has been approached and is working with several of my Veteran Rep's in their practices.

Investing in Greg's skill set to coach and consult has been very valuable to my organization.

– Debra B.
Managing Partner
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

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