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I am ready to improve the quality of my life and/or professional career.
I am ready to explore personal and professional growth by committing to self-exploration and positive action.
I am ready to work smarter not harder.
I am ready to create a mission statement for my personal and or/professional career.
I am willing to do what it takes to bring success to my life.
I have self defeating behaviors that slow down or halt my success.
I am ready to improve the balance in my life.
I'm willing to explore those behaviors and thought processes that slow my success including fear-of-success and fear-of-failure.
I am willing to take credit for success in my life.
I am willing to follow coaching directives and complete homework assigned by my coach.
I am willing to make a commitment to coaching: keeping scheduled calls, doing homework, minimizing distractions during calls, etc.
I am willing to do what it takes to improve my life which includes: investing time and money and committing to complete honesty with myself and my coach.
I am willing to explore my priorities and possibly rearrange my daily focus to improve my life.
I am ready to like myself better and take better care of myself.
I want to learn how to deal with relationships in my life better.
I'm ready to admit my personal defects and find ways to improve my inner self.

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