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Coaching for Financial Professionals

Programs for Financial Representatives and Insurance Professionals

Whether you're a new agent, TAP agent, seasoned veteran, District manager, or a Managing Partner – Motive Coaching has financial-industry specific programs for you. We offer group coaching and individual coaching, as well as team development workshops... on the phone or in person! Greg's fees have in the past been approved SERP – approved consulting.

Motive Coaching can specifically empower you to:

  • Paradigm shift understanding phoning is building a muscle... everyday
  • NMFN sales model works, working this model will bring you success
  • Uncover and build referrals/the foundation to future success as an agent
  • Conquer fear-of-failure and fear-of-success unknown physiology
  • Improve communication with clients and colleagues with the aid of NLP
  • Eliminate self-sabotage and self-defeating behaviors
  • Set specific industry goals (points, production, appointments, referrals, etc.) and reach personal and professional projections
  • Natural attraction and network building new clients
  • Systematic organization
  • Enhance the balance between your personal & professional life
  • Increase wealth and financial stability / you're the expert!
  • Eliminate toleration's / own them or delegate them
  • Create a support team around you and your strengths
  • Discover what motivates you; Awareness with consistent personal motivation
  • Time-management... your control

Financial Representative programs and fees

One on one coaching is available to fit your specific needs and agenda. Expect on average monthly, two 45 minute tele-sessions, unlimited between session's "quick" calls and e-mail, assessments included. Please inquire for pricing.

NMFN Group Coaching "Brilliant Minds – Expect the Best"

We bring together 4-6 Financial Reps, all from different locations, (cross-pollination brainstorming) with the same general success and clarity NMFN business model. This includes two 60 minute tele-coaching sessions and a 30-45 minute individual coaching session. (This allows the Coach to fine tune with the Representative) $180/Reresentative/month

NMFN Individual Coaching "Whatever It Takes" program

Coaching on the telephone – two 45+-minute sessions per month (pre-scheduled): $325/month. All assessments and evaluation included, and e-mail and calls in between is expected.

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