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There are a variety of programs available. Keep in mind that if you don't see something that fits your objectives, custom programs are available. Also, coaching may be a tax deductible expense – please contact your tax advisor.

All our coaching services can be customized to best fit your requirements.

All the following programs are "telecoaching". Telecoaching is over the phone. Set times are determined based on your schedule.

Telecoaching: "Make It Happen" Program

This program involves two 30 minute sessions a month (pre-scheduled) for $300.00 per month.

TeleCoaching: "Above and Beyond – No Boundaries" program

This program involves two 45-minute sessions per month (pre-scheduled): $325/month. E-mail and short calls in between as needed.

TeleCoaching: "Dare to Soar – Attitude Through Integrity" program

This program involves three 45-minute sessions per month (pre-scheduled): $400/month. E-mail and short calls in between as needed.

Telecoaching: "Leadership – Direction is YOUR choice" program

Custom design your package to fill that gap with as many bridges as needed. Price will vary per client's needs

Group Coaching: "Be the Bridge – Creating Opportunities" program

Custom-designed for people in the same profession or organization: From $150/month/person for 2 one-hour sessions. 5 People minimum

Consulting: Coach & Consulting Wrapper "Integrity – Knowing Pre-determined Paths to Conquer"

Motive Coaching has 19 years in the small business-consulting arena. What better fundamentals opening business challenges and opportunities within the coaching arena. Please inquire about pricing.

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