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What is coaching?

"It's having a skilled guide that leads you to your personal fulfillment: success, clarity, balance, stability, and security."

Motive Coaching focuses on two types of coaching:

  • Personal Coaching – for individual coaching
  • Corporate Coaching – for management, executives and small business owners.

What is personal coaching?

In personal coaching, the emphasis is on you (the client) in order to understand, clarify and reach your pre-determined personal coaching goals. Often personal coaching goals include or focus on relationships, your health, time management, finding and focusing on your life's work, and eliminating self-defeating behaviors. In all situations, coaching is individual and confidential. Clear goals are determined and set in a mutually honest environment. Sometimes personal coaching is used to get through/to a decision, act on a dream, determine a goal, or discover a personal journey. Whatever the intent, personal coaching is often the solution and "the best thing I've ever done for myself".

Typically, you interact with your coach over the phone. You and your coach will develop an ongoing partnership, based upon trust and mutual honesty. Your coach will focus his or her full energy and attention on you achieving your goals and life fulfillment. Your coach will assist you in finding life options, tools, new perspectives, motivation, and clear goals all the while giving you confidence and a road map. At selected times, an experienced coach will put on their "consulting hat" to provide the insight and resources needed to succeed.

Personal Coaches can help with the following:

  • Deciphering emotions and reactions to people and situations
  • Determining your life's work and creating a plan to achieve it
  • Creating balance and healthy living
  • Empowering momentum to your goals
  • Taking your career to the next step
  • Working through a tough decision or life situation
  • Holding yourself accountable
  • Eliminating self-defeating behaviors

What is corporate coaching?

Corporate coaching operates much like personal coaching... except the focus is on meeting professional objectives. It's interesting that in a high percentage of the time (72%), the professional comes into the coaching relationship not realizing it is their personal balance which is directly effecting their professional outcomes. Sometimes corporate coaching is done over the phone, face-to-face, in a workshop, via e-mail, or in a teleconference with a group of people. Some coaches, such as Motive Coaching, specialize in certain fields or industries. (Motive Coaching specializes in the financial fields... as well as executives and business owners.)

  • In corporate coaching, the following can be but is not limited to, reaching these accomplishments:
  • A reduction of stress and improved balance
  • Increased sales
  • Increased business profits
  • Success in taking your business to the next level
  • Improved corporate morale
  • Increased time and energy to spend on yourself and your family
  • Better working relationships
  • Mastering the art of working "smarter not harder".
  • Improved Communication Skills

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