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How to choose a Coach

You are right to research the best coach for your personality and challenges. Just like in sports, coaches have their own specialties and talents. Choosing your coach is an important process – it's one of the major deciding factors for success between you and your coach. Lifetime relationships are often built and fostered when the right coach is chosen! Success becomes paramount!

When choosing your coach, well-chosen interview questions will provide the necessary information to finding the right match. Some characteristics to consider are a coach's values, expectations, market niche, language, emotions, goals, and process. If the fit does not feel natural, your coaching relationship will not feel natural and could have a questionable successful coaching outcome.

Some questions to ask a prospective coach include:

  • What is your professional background?
  • Are you certified in Coaching?
  • What type of clients do you work best with?
  • Tell me a success story about one of your coached clients?
  • What is your philosophy?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • How and why did you get into coaching?
  • How do you define coaching success in a client?
  • Do you use a coach?
  • Tell me about your personal life?
  • What is your coaching process?

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